backgroundpi.jpgJudgment enforcement is a detrimental problem for lawyers and clients that win their litigation claims only to face challenges in finding assets and enforcing their judgments or arbitral awards.


LUNA QUEST Services judgment enforcement team specializes in asset tracing, litigation support, and dispute resolution, and provides much-needed corporate and business intelligence to private practice lawyers, in-house counsel, and senior management involved in all types of commercial disputes. This intelligence is designed to guide strategic decision-making-informing, directing, and going considerably beyond the typical disclosure or discovery process.


Asset identification analysis

LUNA QUEST Services can help identify assets that are deemed commercially pursuable by legal advisors. Many variables will factor into this decision, including the size of the asset identified, the complexity of its legal and beneficial ownership, and any legal bars to seizure.

Evidence and jurisdiction intelligence

Supporting any recovery case is the provision of evidence proving the opponent has a legal or beneficial interest in the asset or offshore vehicle in question. LQS reviews all forms of documentary evidence and traces historic corporate or business ownership to determine an asset or vehicle’s true beneficial owners.

Strategy support

Understanding an opponent’s strengths and weaknesses is often crucial to successful recovery. LQS can help pinpoint assets of strategic personal or commercial value and identifies key allies and associates, enabling you to better anticipate your opponent’s likely next steps.


  • LUNA QUEST Services provides a comprehensive suite of services to assist clients around the world with challenges related to judgment enforcement.
  • Trace assets worldwide of individuals, commercial entities, or sovereign states.
  • Prove legal and beneficial ownership, risk of dissipation, and overcome other bars to enforcement.
  • Gather commercial and political intelligence to inform engagement strategy and effect settlement.
  • Investigate factual merits of litigation and arbitration proceedings.
  • Select local counsel and advisors in novel and challenging jurisdictions.
  • Retrieve primary evidence, documentary or digital, and interview witnesses of fact.
  • Advise on feasibility of enforcing any potential judgment or award

Customize financial solutions based on client needs-including fee-for-service, contingent arrangements.


In the past decade, LUNA QUEST Services dedicated judgment enforcement team has been involved with hundreds of asset recovery cases and has worked with clients ranging from law firms and multinational companies to sovereign and governmental agencies.

Leading law firms and claimants ultimately rely on LUNA QUEST Services for one simple reason-LUNA QUEST Services delivers results.