Courthouse picutreLUNA QUEST Services goes way beyond any other typical investigation company to support the confident decision-making when private equity firms, hedge funds and global corporations are considering investments, mergers & acquisitions and other ventures. Our team of investigators work seamlessly with decision-makers, attorneys and in-house counsel during the investigation.

With every investigation, you are appointed a lead investigator who leans on LUNA QUEST Services years of experience and accumulated wisdom to create the most appropriate investigative strategy for your case. LQS conducts in-depth research to gather confidential and timely information about the business history, resources, credentials and reputation of parties of interest.

In addition to its team of on-the-ground investigators, LUNA QUEST Services leverages advanced background checking technologies pioneered by one of the best databases in the United States. LQS has efficient access to a vast collection of background data that can give you an early view of interim information. We recognize that every case is different and involves its own set of unique circumstances. Therefore, our investigative approach also depends on the specific challenges and objectives we are faced with these issues.

LUNA QUEST Services Due Diligence Investigation covers:

  • – Identity Risks
  • – Civil Litigation
  • – Character Issues
  • – Financial Crimes
  • – Conflicts of Interest
  • – Omissions of Material Information
  • – Inflated Qualifications
  • – Criminal Records
  • – Resume Fraud
  • – Reputations of company principals and key shareholders
  • – Shell company issues
  • – Arrests and criminal activity
  • – Media Exposure, past and present
  • – Qualifications of transitional managers
  • – Tax Liabilities
  • – Partnership controls
  • – Regulatory violations
  • – History of litigation
  • – Proper licensing
  • – Debt, liens and solvency issues
  • – Judgments
  • – Links to terrorist organizations
  • – Criminal Activities

Please contact us today and request a free confidential consultation, we will go through a case evaluation and help you find the best course of action depending on your ultimate goals and needs for the investigations.