Our corporate and business investigations were designed to assist our clients identify and eliminate workplace problems. We help our clients identify the current problems that can turn into future issues for the company, then help them find the appropriate course of action to eliminate these problems. In addition, we conduct pre-employment screening to help our clients find future employees that can be a good fit for their company.

Our investigations can help put a stop to employee theft, fraud, misconduct, accidents and absenteeism that can cost businesses and corporations billions of dollars each year. We have found that dozens of businesses and corporations that contact us are victims that either wait too long and deny they are being victimized, or simply want to  give up because they do not know where to turn for help.

At LUNA QUEST Services, our  expertise includes, but is not limited to, liability issues, due diligence, workplace violence and safety, internal theft, gray market, cargo theft and undercover investigations. We provide our corporate clients with investigations to get them the proof needed to release the employee(s), provide the evidence to law enforcement to seek prosecution and to support litigation to recover the loss.

A sample of our services provided to corporate & business clients includes the following:

– Workplace Violence
– Undercover Investigations
– Theft Investigations
– Accident Investigations
– Threat Assessment Investigations
– Absenteeism & Lost Time Investigations
– Asset Protection & Loss Prevention
– Stalking / Harassment Investigations
– Driving & Criminal Records
– Termination Assistance (Protection Services)
– Vehicle Tracking
– Judgment Recovery & Collection Assistance
– Vendor & Trade Partner Screening
– Insurance Fraud Investigations

Our workplace surveillance experts and investigators are among the area’s best. This combined with our state-of-the-art technology and extensive investigative resources makes us the premier corporate surveillance and screening agency for corporate and business clients. Contact us today and request a free consultation.